regime costs  Tips For Healthy Hair

regime costs Tips For Healthy Hair

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i feel like i saw this discussed once before, but im just curious.

How much do each of you spend on your hair loss regimes?

i spend monthly about a 150 to 200 euro on hairmeds….

200 euros a month? damn that sounds crazy expensive..

I spend a little less than 38 but only because I refuse to use Kirklands Minoxidil other wise it would be less than 20 a month

This includes Mioxidil 2x am/pm a day from Dr stuff ever never greasy and 1/2 a Propecia

you post on many topics the same thing

seems to me like commercial for some meds site….

yep i know 200 euro monthly is verry high , but for the price i have a verry high tech regime…..

for now its a massive attack on mpb , when my ht is done i will update my regime to a regular dose to keep what i have….

people that know me , know i have used almost every powerfull med that there is for mpb , allways the most powerfull :

there results where more then fine, i had posted this allready a year ago in the duta dose topic….

also a ht done, and going on another on 6-7 april for more density , hairline will be 70 -80 grafts , massive

hey wesley? did u made a ht in instanbul? what was the clinic?and what about price and are you happy with?Thx!

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