Customer Comments

Customer Comments

“I''ve saved money in 4 out of 5 years with ADAPT. The year I didn''t save was when I had surgery. ADAPT put me up in a 5-star hotel when they sent me out of town for the surgery. I was so excited about the hotel that it really took my mind off the surgery, which made the situation much easier. Joining ADAPT was the right decision.”
Frank S., from Germany

I''ve received the full rebate, plus interest during the past 4 years with ADAPT, while saving on the overall premium cost by, not sure how much, but a lot, partly because there have been no rate increases at all. There isn''t a better deal around—I know because I checked.
Steven S., from the U.S.

“I''ve been on the ADAPT Health plan for 3 years, and saved $1500 plus interest. I like the cash-back rebate system because it encourages me to stay healthy and not claim. Great service and personal attention. ADAPT is a smart choice, I think.”
Janet T., from Canada

“I’ve been with ADAPT for several years now. Although I’ve had to claim each year, I’ve still managed to get a partial cash back savings rebate in most years, which makes this the best deal around. I can say I’m very satisfied with ADAPT.”
Christopher H., from the U.S.

“I signed up for ADAPT 4 years ago. They''ve always answered my insurance questions promptly and have never given me any hassles reimbursing my claims. And I’ve saved money too. I''ve tried other companies, but in my opinion, Adapt is the best!”
Mindy M., from Australia

"ADAPT always answered kindly to all my questions, with sincerity and precision. I always felt I could trust them. I''ve stayed with ADAPT for 4 years of very kind, personal oriented, service. Also I could get rebates of more than $2,000.00. Highly recommended."
Michel S., From France

“I had a bicycle accident the first year I was with ADAPT, and was laid up for about 8 weeks with a broken leg. ADAPT handled everything with the hospital and billing, and I was paid for lost wages, which was a great help. I''m in my 5th year with ADAPT, and so I have saved $1500 in the last 3 years, and on my way to saving another $500 if all goes well this year. I can recommend ADAPT.”
Zac R., from Canada

I''ve been with ADAPT for 3 years, and in addition to saving $1500, I could choose the benefits I wanted, and not have to pay for things that I don''t want, like a maternity benefit. I expect to be with ADAPT for a long time.”
Geraldine., from Australia

“I just joined ADAPT less than a year ago, a friend is a member and recommended it to me. I switched to ADAPT because I got tired of big annual rate increases from my previous insurer. I saved a lot by switching to ADAPT, and I expect to save even more from the annual rebates.”
Kyle C., from New Zealand.

"I''ve been with Adapt for four years and expect to be for many more. I''ve had claims some years and saved money in others. Adapt was very prompt and efficient in processing my claims, as well as in getting rebates back to me. The service they provide, and the good advice they have given me on how to get good health care in Japan impressed me."
Andrew L., from U.S.

“Over the last 3 years, I saved $1575, and probably a lot more when you figure the prices of other insurance are a lot higher, even before factoring in ADAPT''s cash-back rebate. Reasonable rates, good coverage, and great service. You can''t go wrong here. “
Joel., from U.S.