“Abundant Health by Design”

“Abundant Health by Design”

“When you understand why you and others act the way they do, it makes life a bowl of cherries.


Kay''s Bio
Kay LeMere has spent her life serving God in His church, and her family. Kay is a former runway fashion model with a degree in business administration.

Over the last 20 years, while raising her family, she used her fashion talent designing costumes,
“Kay LeMere is a truly gifted in helping you discover your natural self.”
- Dr. Cheryl Townsley

props and sets for church stage productions as a volunteer. In her spare time she is still the visual director for the Dallas Christmas Festival.

But she also had another interest and that was in people and why they act the way they do. She has spent the last 22 years researching this subject. From her research and working with people, Kay developed her own test book entitled “Discover You.” Which helps you to discover your temperament, natural personality, expected personality, behavior patterns, character and spiritual gift.

Kay was on staff for five years at a mega-church in Dallas, Texas where she was able to put to use her research. She formed support groups for divorce recovery, single parents, co-dependency and women of abuse. Here she helped people to discover who they are and why they acted the way they do.

“When you understand why you and others act the way they do, it makes life a bowl of cherries.”

Kay has been able to help many people understand their natural self. Dr. Cheryl Townsley says,

“Kay LeMere is a truly gifted in helping you discover your natural self.”

God had yet another plan for Kay to use this giftedness, but He had to redirect her path. Kay suffered from burnout 1n 1995. She went to hard serving, and helping others to a point of her own health crashing. The recovery and restoration process was not immediate. It took time for Kay’s health to fall apart and it took time to recover.

She was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Hashimo Hypothyroid, Lupus, Fibermyalgia and Rhumatoid Arthritis. The doctor suggest medications that had many side effects.

Kay decided not to take the traditional medical route and instead researched the world of natural health. She had always had an interest in herbs since her youth, but really never pursued it. Never being one to sit still very long, she decided to take some natural health classes. She found herself becoming certified in several natural health therapies and giving advise to others.

At 46, Kay’s home was the empty nest and she felt God leading her to go back to college to study holistic nutrition and natural health.

Today Kay is healthy and wants to share the blessing of health with others. She is a board certified naturopath from the American Naturopathic Medical Certification and Accreditation Board.

In her private practice she takes the holistic approach which is looking at the whole picture of a person''s health. She uses her knowledge of "discovering you" to help the mind, holistic nutrition to help the body and her belief in Jesus Christ to help the soul. Kay is proficient in evaluating the body with these skills to get to the root of the health problems.

Her complemental practice supports the belief that when the root cause of the problem is removed, the symptoms will disappear.


- Board Certified Naturopath
- Certified Herbalist Doctor of Natureopathy
- Certified Aromatherapy
- Masters degree in Holistic Nutrition
- Certified in Detoxification
- Bachelor degree in Holistic Nutrition
- Personality Profile Specialist in Certified Nutritionist Temperament, Natural Personality, Certified Iridologist Expected Personality, Behavior, Certified Bioenergetics practitioner
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- American Naturopathic Medical Association
- American Association of Nutritional Consultants Coalition For Natural Health
- Articles Written Monthly health article in “The Intercessors For Christ” newspaper Article in semi-month magazine “Whole Health”
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- Article in the book “Naturally Abundant Health - One Choice at a Time”

- Books Written:

Parasites, Are They Bugging You, Menopause, A Natural Approach, Vitamins & Minerals, Your Personal Profile, The Connection, Discover You, Healthy Texas, A resource Guide Manuals For Ministry, Written How to start a Single Parent Ministry Teaching Lay Counseling I, II, III, Nutritional Papers, Your Teeth and Your Health, You Digestion, and Your Intestines How They Work, Cholesterol Made Simple, Your Thyroid, Your Master Gland Your Heart and Your Circulatory System, Common Questions Asked, Guide to Making Your Own Natural Cleaning Products, Guide to Natural Health With Herbs and Oils

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- Semimonthly workshops Women of Influence conference, Agape Christian Fellowship Northway Baptist Church Senior Conference Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex Health Conference, Lifestyle For Health Training Conference, Houston Care Center, Health Conference, Discover You Seminars in churches around the country, “ Is Your Personality Making You Sick