Why Obesity Is Increasing

Why Obesity Is Increasing

Effects, Causes, and Solutions of Child Obesity

Effects, Causes, and Solutions of Child Obesity


Child obesity is an increasingly prevalent disease. Since 1960 child obesity has risen 54%; some experts estimate the overall prominence of child obesity to be as high as 34.7% of all children ages 3-11.

Child Obesity is the leading cause of Pediatric Hypertension and is associated with type 2 diabetes and Coronary Heart Disease, the leading cause of death in America according to the American Heart Organization.

This disease increases stress on weight bearing joints (back, knees, and ankles) which can lead to arthritis later in life, as well as increase the risk for injuries in these areas.

However many psychologists believe the most devastating consequence of Child Obesity is the severe psycho-social problems that are a direct result of child obesity. Lowered self-esteem from a negative self image due to the child obesity can lead to lack of confidence and under achievement.

Child Obesity also has many social impacts as well. The impact Of Obesity on relationships can be significant. Other children may ostricise and avoid your child, enhancing the negative self-image.


Understanding the causes of Child Obesity is paramount to its successful treatment. Children mimic their parents in many aspects and among them is the amount of physical activity they get and their diet.

The risk of a child developing child obesity is increased if one parent is obese and nearly double if both parents are obese.

Child Obesity is much more common among children who frequently watch TV. Little energy is expended and high calorie snacks are consumed. Child Obesity causes lethargy so the child watches TV. While watching TV the child eats high cal snacks causing significant weight gain, which then in turn causes more lethargy. This cycle is up to the parents to break.

1/3 elementary children have no daily physical education.
1/5 elementary children have no extracurricular activities.

The other major cause of child obesity is heredity. This doesn’t mean a child will be obese, it merely means that child has increased risk and must carefully monitor their weight and diet. Overweight mothers are more likely to have an obese child. Studies have shown obese mothers’ children gain nearly 7 lbs more than their normal weight counterparts by 3 months of age.


Physical activity should be a part of every diet program. Secondary is managing calorie intake by diet management, and third is to modify the behaviors of the children so they stay healthy.

Education of the parents and children on proper dieting techniques is essential!

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Dr. Anoop Misra Director Department of Diabetes Fortis Hospital speaking on the increasing rate of obesity among children

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